Embroidery and Related Services

Embroidery and Monogramming – while the final price varies greatly based on your selections, here are some estimates to guide you. Please contact me for a quote for your desired services.

  • Single Letter Monograms – approximately 1×2 inches are around $5 – $7 each
  • Multi-Letter Monogram with Frame – approx. 5×12 inches are around $20 – $30 each
  • Embroidery Designs – a very light design that is 4×4 inches is around $5 – $10 each
  • Embroidery Designs – a very dense design that is 7×11 inches is around $50 – $75 each

As you can see, the design you choose, its size and density, as well as the number of designs you order all affect the final price. Please feel free to contact me for a quote today!

Sewing Services

Sewing services are limited to the creation of flat goods/ non-clothing items, as well as decorative stitching on and embellishment of items. If you purchase items I have made, current catalog price of the item plus the following rates apply. If you provide the items or yardage for me to use, the following rates will apply.

  • General Sewing – $25 per hour. Linens, table cloths, towels, etc. from your yardage.
  • Laundering Fee – $25 for 5 yards or less. $35+ for 5 yards or more. You can avoid this fee by preparing your items beforehand (dry cleaned items are acceptable.)
  • Decorative stitching – starting at $15 per order. Most orders are less than $45. For example, the hem of your straight skirt would be $15, your full skirt $35. Your set of 12 tea towels would be around $45 depending on your chosen design. Decorative stitching is not embroidery; it is separate and different process. For embroidery services, embroidery rates will apply.
  • Ribbon or lace appliqués – Starting at $45 per item. Final price is based on the type and size of appliqué. Cost of materials will also be added if not provided by you. Sets of up to 12 similar items are treated as one item. Example – two sets of towels (a body, hand and face towel per set,) 12 tea towels, 12 handkerchiefs, 12 finger towels, 6 golf towels, etc. Please contact me for specific information on your items.