Another Wall Hanging Done

I couldn’t back up far enough to get it all in the frame; I’ll have to update the photo after I install it.

I’ve finished my latest (big) embroidery project, the Golden Tapestry by Anita Goodesign. I talked a bit about it here, as well as in a few other posts with embroidery tips.

I have to say, I always forget how much there is to these projects; not to discourage anyone from doing them, but it’s not just the machine embroidery time! I usually forget to consider assembling the blocks, assembling any sashing or borders, then there’s the backing, which gets quilted down, then the binding to finish. And in this case, the blinging – which I was itching to do, so it just made all the other steps seem longer!

All set up for hand sewing – and Midsomer Murders in the DVD player too!
A hangit Dang it, the largest size, checking the position of my sleeves

How long was that exactly? The run time on the machine itself was about 60 hours. The construction, backing and binding was another 4.5 hours, and decorating it was another 4 hours – about 220 individual rhinestones. Many of those were tiny, and could be applied a few at a time, but the majority were larger – 4mm and up, so they can only be put on individually. All told, about 70 hours give or take.

A close up of the some of the bling

It is large, about 64 by 52 if I recall. I’m using a Hang it Dang it, which means a hanging sleeve. The Hang it Dang it website recommends a full length sleeve, but I find the clip on the back caused a bubble, and I use a split sleeve instead. The sleeve has to be put on by hand, so a good ninety minutes for that – thank goodness British murder mystery episodes are just about that long!

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