Not Enough Fabric?

Here’s a tip for when you don’t have quite as much fabric as you need! See if there’s some way to adjust the pattern.

I didn’t think I’d have enough to get sleeves

You can of course, just choose a different pattern, but I really wanted to make this top in this fabric, so I reduced the cowl overlap. All of that extra is really just to give weight to the cowl so it hangs nicely, and also partly so the edge doesn’t show – especially with this particular pattern, which doesn’t instruct you to finish the cowl edge (but you could of course, you are making it after all!)

I folded back the extra for the cowl so I had room for the sleeve pattern piece

In the end I wound up not needing to save; the overall top was too long, as were the sleeves. Here’s the “finished again” top on the right, with shortened bodice and sleeves, and with both sides taken in by one inch – much nicer looking! (Except for the wrinkles….)

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