The New Sewing Studio – a Tour

Organizing in progress; that’s Rosie in the middle. He’s OK with the vacuuming but doesn’t do baseboards or the mopping…

It’s hard to believe we moved in seven months ago – time is really flying for us this year. All the remodeling is done, I’ve moved back in to my new studio, and everything is fairly well in place and organized.

It’s a single, large room – 19 ft x 19 ft – with my main sewing table holding my Solaris, Sunny, along with a second sewing table that holds my Sashiko machine, in the center of the room. With the leaf left in place, I have a 70- by 53-inch work area, where I can sew large items like curtains, do quilting on my regular machine or Sashiko, and have space for cutting and layout. When I need extra (though I can’t imagine it!), I can deploy the side tables and extend my worktop to an amazing 102 by 53 inches – wow!

Under the main table on both sides, I have my “in progress” project drawers, as well as table leaves and inserts.

Just behind the main table is my serger Gargantua, a Triumph, sitting cozy in his own table. I can easily turn from my main machine to my serger with a spin of my chair – it makes using both machines together a breeze.

On the other side of the main table is a side table, used for storing equipment and paper work, among other items. Also on this wall are the bookcase and main storage cabinets – four “pantries” that are 24 by 24 inches, and seven feet tall. The majority of my fabrics, as well as notions, cutting dies and a few other things are stored here. The top of the cabinets is a good place for large, lightweight things like batting.

Across from the main table are two windows looking out on a side yard, where I hope to have my future kitchen garden, and can have something really nice to look at while I sew. My dress form Duplicate O’Neill and a tall storage cabinet are in the corner.

Also across from the main table are a small sofa for when I do hand work, and a TV to play ‘Anne Girl’ DVD’s when I have very long projects to get done. (Anne Girl being Anne of Green Gables, based on the books by L.M. Montgomery. And if it’s not Anne Girl, then it’s Inspector Lewis or Star Trek… my taste in TV runs very wide.)

The storage tower on the other side of the door holds all of my sewing patterns, which I talk about here.

The main feature on the other side of the room is my 10-needle machine, Enterprise G, as well as my first machine, an Elna 540, who is officially named Jarvis but mostly goes by Good Boy.

For my 10-needle I have a wide variety of hoops, some in multiples as well for when I’m doing large projects with multiples. My husband hit upon the idea of a pot rack to hang them all from the ceiling since floor space was so precious, and I have to say it has worked out very well. Below the hoops are a short a cabinet with serger and decorative threads, and on top is a set of drawers for my embroidery threads, which is joined by a smaller set of temporary drawers with yet more threads, sewing and otherwise.

My Elna has its own cabinet too, and I usually leave it setup to practice template quilting, though perhaps that’s more aspirational than I’d like to admit. But it was put through its paces recently as the topstitching machine for two sets of overalls – see here for my post.

And what sewing room is complete without an ironing station? Mine is here, behind the 10-needle, with my Reliable i400 boiler iron ready to go any time. The little storage piece has my ironing accoutrement on top for easy access.

Thanks for taking a tour with me; I hope you’ll share your own sewing space soon.

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