Staying Organized in the Sewing Room, Continued

My pattern cabinet also holds my “sound system”; and old iPad mini and stereo speakers. I also have a lovely Patty Palmer original sitting on top.

Recently nursing a twisted ankle allowed me to finally catalog my paper patterns. I don’t remember how many boxes I needed for them when I moved, but pulling them all out of the file cabinet that week I needed six 12-in boxes. That’s six cubic feet of patterns! Turns out, I have 342 paper patterns – quite a collection.

Finally, nice and tidy!

As I mentioned in a previous post, I catalogued them in an Excel file, and cross referenced them with the pattern photos.

This is the cabinet I keep all my sewing patterns in; when I put them all back, I organized them by company, then by number so I can quickly find them when I need to. I keep my cut patterns in clear plastic string folders. Which for the moment all fit in the bottom drawer, but eventually I’ll need to find more storage for that size folder.

Share your ideas for pattern storage in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Staying Organized in the Sewing Room, Continued

  1. Oh no! Hope your ankle heals soon! And, another ooooh — that’s a ton of patterns! You’re inspiring me to quantify my patterns and other sewing stuff just to see where I stand.


  2. Thanks Samina! Actually, it was a few weeks ago now, so I’m mostly better. At least, I’m not walking funnily anymore. A few more weeks and I should be dancing normally again.

    Yes it was a lot of patterns; I wouldn’t have believed it myself. And that’s just the physical patterns – On my computer under PDF patterns, I have 272 files, at least a third of which should the accompanying instructions, so at least 136 more! Good luck with your inventory, hope you rediscover some fun things!


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