No, I’m Not “Ready for Fall”

Nothing like white linen to give you cool thoughts… even if it isn’t cool out.

I guess our fellows in the north get excited around mid-August, maybe they even feel a change in the air; but here, in Houston (and the New Orleans area where I grew up and used to live) it’s still hot. Damn hot. And will continue to be hot for weeks, if not months. So no, I’m not ready for fall sewing, fall fashion, fall baking – and I’m really not ready for holiday plans.

But it’s not just people in the north, people here get into this, I don’t know, false-fall mode? Media, the news, stores, restaurants – there’s even a pseudo-holiday when Starbucks announces its pumpkin latte flavor is back on the menu… I hope they serve it well chilled.

Why can’t we embrace our own seasons here in our part of the country? Why do we have to follow trends and declare that it’s fall, and start trying to wear sweaters and boots and coats, and drinking hot coffee that tastes like melted pie?

Do not mis-understand me; as an amateur astronomer, I am especially appreciative of the wonder that is nature and am happy to celebrate its cyclical nature, and acknowledge the shortening of days with the summer solstice, and then to later acknowledge the more quickly lengthening nights with the autumnal equinox… and I love pumpkin pie, but only serve it if it’s going to be cold on Thanksgiving, which it so often is not here.

I feel though that fall is forced on us, that we’re left celebrating or at least moving to a schedule that isn’t really our own. Perhaps a hang-over from our culture centering on trends from places like New York and Paris? I’m sure I’m not the first to suggest this, but maybe we should have our own seasons, and call the coming months second summer – or at least acknowledge that autumn for us is decidedly not cold, and is usually even warm.

Maybe I can rally my fellow Houston Fashionistas (our local sewing club) to create a style or wardrobe that is unique and specific to us, instead of looking to the northern climes for boots and sweaters and coats – and whatever other inappropriate things show up in our stores come the beginning of September.

What do think? What should we put in our closets to reflect our local seasons? Share with us in the comments!

2 thoughts on “No, I’m Not “Ready for Fall”

  1. As a woman of a certain age, I totally understand what you’re saying! I think using summer fabrics (cottons, jersey knits, rayon challis, etc…) in fall colors is the way for us to celebrate the change in the fashion season.


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