Which Door is Which? – A Quick Project

The photo above is the foyer in my new home. There are three doors on one wall, looking very much like each other; can you tell which is the garage, which is the coat closet, and which is the powder room? No, I couldn’t either, it took me a few tries after we moved in.

Now can you tell? I found this set of cute designs from Anita Goodesign. I just did it as a quilted panel, then put binding on the edges, with a little cloth hanger. Notice the serpentine stitch on the binding?

That’s called “I calculated the width of the binding way wrong and needed a way to hold it down” decorative stitching. Actually outer borders and bindings often have decorative stitching, it’s just that in this case, it was also necessary.

See how it catches it on the back?

Quick product review: if you notice, I used a command hook to hang this. I used to think these were the bees’ knees. In my old home I used them to hang all of my embroidery hoops on the wall. Well, since moving they’ve come down a little in my estimation.

Apparently, the sticky pad can get old. This makes it either very difficult to remove years later, or, they cannot be used if you’ve kept them around for a while. I had a tough time getting all the hooks off the walls in my old house, and when I went to rehang them in the new house, I used the sticky pads I’d already had for some time.

After a couple of weeks, I started hearing noises from my sewing studio: turns out, the hooks – and hoops! – were falling down. At first, I thought it was because the walls were a bit more textured than usual, but I had tried to place them where the texture was low. Every few days another hoop would fall – don’t worry, none were damaged. By the time I went to take them all down to do the remodel, I was having trouble getting them off the walls.

It was then I realized two things: most of the ones that had already fallen were the old pads I had purchased long before moving, and thus fairly old. And the ones that I had trouble getting off the walls – pulling up paint and paper from the drywall and breaking while trying to pull – were also the old ones. The new sticky pads I had purchased to hang the remainder of my hoops were holding fine on the walls, and were very easy to remove.

So I recommend these with a few reservations; if you’re going to buy sticky pads as you need them, and are going to move the hooks around fairly often, then they work as advertised. If you plan on hanging a hook and leaving it there for years, it will last but will be a bear to get off the wall without damage to the wall or to the pad. And if you try to use pads you bought years ago, the hook may just fall off the wall.

See you at the next post…

2 thoughts on “Which Door is Which? – A Quick Project

  1. Hi Kasey! That is one cute little embroidered piece. Thank you for the command hook tip — I will now have to throw away a bunch of old pads. But, the ones on the wall will have to remain until eternity. Or maybe until I decide to repaint the walls….. we’ll see what happens then. Never thought about these things losing their stickiness.

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