Curtains And Other Window Treatments, Part 3

The kitchen curtains are finally finished!

Well here we are, finally at the other end of a home renovation; whew! That was long; it’s always too long, even when it ends on time – and of course, they never do!

But as promised, the tie-backs for my kitchen curtains. In an earlier post, I mentioned that I was cutting the extra yardage off the panels from the plain end, instead of the patterned end. I did this so I could decorate the tie-backs. Initially I thought to use the patterned end, but I realized I had an opportunity to gussy them up a bit, so chose the plain instead.

Sewing on the edge – no, not really; see the photo below!

I added a bit of trim to the edges of my tie-backs. I used my Sashiko machine to couch variegated yarn onto the edge. You actually do this in the flat – you don’t have to try and sew on the edge! Then once the trim is on, you can fold your fabric and sew it up.

The trim is applied in the flat first, then folded to create the edge.

For these tie-backs, I didn’t have enough to do a full fabric backing, but that’s ok, it wasn’t really necessary. I stabilized them with Pellon Decor Bond (#809) so that they will hold their shape and stay smooth and full. I then folded the edges under and topstitched them down.

Then I added these little plastic rings (you can find them in the draperies notions department) to attach them to the wall hooks.

Et voilà, much better looking curtains! You can see in the photo below, tying them with string gives a very crushed, bunched look; using a tie-back allows the curtains to drape nicely.

Old-style tying on the right gives you strangled curtains…
And now the curtains can breathe…

Have a great week and see you at the next post…

3 thoughts on “Curtains And Other Window Treatments, Part 3

  1. Your tie backs look so professional! I love the look of the trim you created on your Sashiko machine! Great idea. Your home is so warm and beautiful. I think all of your special touches definitely contribute to that. Thanks for sharing all of the pointers too.

    I do think you should look carefully through your outdoor wicker chairs before trying to relax out there with that neighbor of yours!


  2. Coming along nicely!! Thanks for the tip for tie-back edges. Makes total sense. The most prevalent thought in my brain these days is — how many clothes do I need, anyway. I am seriously looking anew at my much-neglected home decor and considering doing a lot more decor sewing for a while. Your curtains are beautiful and now I’m inspired. Looking forward to more decor sewing from you — or are you done with it?
    Er, your neighbor is making me shudder.


    1. Thanks Samina! Sorry my neighbor gives you the willies… No, by no means am I finished with home decor! I have a whole home to decorate now, and have several projects in mind. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for your own home!

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