Yet Another Filler Post… And a New Neighbor

It seems the permits department had a three-week delay in getting permits and inspectors out, so I have a three-week delay in getting back to my sewing studio – which will hopefully be the first full week of June.

In the meantime, we met one of neighbors last week (if you’re squeamish about these things, I apologize.)

Are you looking to see who moved in?

He (or she) is a very pretty Texas rat snake – who strangely seems to eat more birds that rats according to my source. Ah well. And judging by the next picture, the information that these snakes are very comfortable in trees seems true:

It was a good sunning spot that afternoon…

After spending several minutes twisting and twirling in-and-out of our wicker furniture, he climbed up on this pallet and sat for quite some time.

We’re taking it as a sign of a healthy mini ecosystem in our backyard, and are happy to meet this and all of our non-human neighbors. What kinds of animals do you see in your backyard?

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