Embroidering on Linen, Part 1

2020 08 07_0522
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Well it’s the first week of August already – hope you’re staying cool! I’m back from my summer break and have been busy catching up on my projects.

This project is one I completed just before my break, a quick little jacket that is part of my first wardrobe capsule. This capsule was planned with travel in mind, something coordinated that I could pack quickly for a long weekend.

I wanted a nice but casual jacket that I could carry on a plane or for long car trips, that wouldn’t mind getting a little travel-worn – i.e., wrinkly. Some people like their linen to stay crisp, but I’m in the less-work-is-better camp, so I’m OK with a few creases.

I also wanted it to coordinate with the fabric I was using for the blouse and skirt set that is part of this capsule. My first thought was to line it with the same fabric, but I didn’t want it too matchy-matchy. So I chose silk charmeuse in a medium shade of navy: it lets the jacket glide on nicely, and makes a nice layer for warmth in an otherwise lightweight jacket (I am far more often cold on planes and in restaurants, so a good choice for me.) It will also cross seasons well too.

Instead of using the print fabric for lining, I decided to trace the pattern and turn it into an embroidery design – because I can! My combo machine, Sunny, can scan line drawings and photos and turn it into an embroidery design with IQ Designer software.

I can go from this print

2020 Jun 12_0513

To this design

2020 Jun 12_0515

To this embroidery in no time!

2020 Jun 12_0498

In the next post I’ll show how I embroidered the linen itself.

2020 Jun 12_0509

3 thoughts on “Embroidering on Linen, Part 1

  1. Wow, Kasey! That’s some machine! I still have the old Brother PE “Snoopy” with built in designs and memory cards….. Your jacket looks so elegant and I can hardly wait to see the embroidery.


  2. I enjoy planning and sewing capsule wardrobes too. How clever you are to create an embroidery design from a print to use it on your beautiful. jacket. What brand and model of machine is Sonny?


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