A Boo-Boo, A Fix, A Tip

You can see to the right of the seam, the topstitching had pulled out; I’ve fixed one row already

Just a quick post; recently while topstitching a skirt, a bit of the topstitching came out at the bottom of a seam and I didn’t notice until I had finished the project. Instead of going back to my serger to coverstitch all of one inch of seam, I decided to fix it with my sewing machine instead.

I wanted to drop my needle in exactly the same stitch hole for continuity’s sake, but my Baby Lock Solaris has one annoying problem: when you lower the needle bar enough to see exactly where the needle will penetrate the fabric, it lowers the presser foot slightly, thus blocking the view of the needle’s position. Did I say this was annoying? Very Annoying.

The open toe foot lets you see the whole area

I decided to defeat Baby Lock’s illogic altogether and used my open-toe foot. Now I can see the needle drop position no matter how far down the machine moves the presser foot, and I can fix my unfortunate little mistake.

The topstitching is fixed with a few threads left to clip

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