Another Quick Tip for Large Projects

Cover Art from Anita Goodesign

This particular project, Crane Tapestry, is very large, 64 blocks. And while technically all the bocks are unique, some of them can start to look quite the same. The instructions came with a grid that labels each block, and I can mark them off and match them as I complete them.

Crane Project-1
You can see the included grid on the left, and my pencil markings on the lower left corners of each block

I have also though decided to mark the back of each block with its number (or something similar) so I can keep track of which order they go in.

Another easy thing to do of course is to assemble the blocks as they’re created, but with several projects going at once right now, I will need to wait a little while before I can start assembly. I will though take the time occasionally assemble the finished blocks just so I won’t have so much to do at a later time.

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