Quick Tip – Managing Yardage

managing fabric yardage_2020 05 01_0443

I have a new project I’m starting, as you may have read about here. It requires a good bit of yardage though, 11 yards or more altogether; the main fabric is a good 7 yards.

Most fabrics come folded in half length-wise on a bolt, but silk is usually rolled on a tube the width of the fabric – so the dupioni I bought for my project came folded up in a square, rather like a bedsheet.

managing fabric yardage_2020 05 01_0442

To make cutting down the lengths for my blocks easier, I completely re-folded it in half length-wise, then folded it again to make something roughly 10” wide, then wrapped the whole length around a fabric organizer. They’re a plastic board that comes in different sizes, and they allow you to very neatly fold, organize and store your fabrics, interfacings, ribbons, etc.

managing fabric yardage_2020 05 01_0445

Now that I have my fabrics rolled up, I can easily move them around from storage to cutting table, and unroll as I go, only cutting what I need for that day. And once I’m done, they’re easy-peasy to put back into storage.

managing fabric yardage_2020 05 01_0447
Many – but not all – of my silks, waiting to be chosen as a blouse or lining

I really like them, and have almost the entire of my fabric stash on these boards. They provide support for delicate fabrics like silks, and I can even wrap bulky fabrics like bouclés with ease.

managing fabric yardage_2020 05 01_0446
There’s seven yards of the mint green boucle, and 5 yards of the blue and cream, both neatly contained on a fabric organizer

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