Finally Done!

Walking Skirt-1

I started this project in winter of 2018 – yes, that long ago. I couldn’t remember why I put it away, but I pulled it out, finished it, and even made the matching cardigan.

walking cardigan 1_2020 04 13_0423

I posted about it on Roz’s blog, here and here. The fabric, sold out, is from her shop but she has a variety of other knits and wovens to use with this pattern.

walking cardigan 3_2020 04 13_0424

I embroidered my initials on the shoulder, and I made the mistake of forgetting what I had learned in class just weeks ago; I should have used a fusible mesh cut away with this knit, instead of a regular mesh cut away.

It still turned out OK; a quick steam with a pressing cloth and it was fine. But it would have been better had I used the right kind of stabilizer. There’s a little pulling around the bottom curve of the S, but you can’t really tell, especially in this fabric. And since this is just for me to get sweaty in, I’m not at all worried.


One thought on “Finally Done!

  1. That’s such a “happy” cardigan, Kasey! Love the embroidery, and I couldn’t see there was pulling until you said so.


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