Crawfish for a Cutie Pie

crawfish dress-1

My adorable little niece G turned two this February. Living in Texas, I thought she could use more crawfish in her life (my husband and I are from New Orleans.)

I made this quick little dress for her; I found the fabric at All Stitched Up by Angela in Slidell, LA.

crawfish dress-4
Technically, it’s crawfish, shrimp and lobsters, but they are all delicious!

I added some big pockets so she can fill them with leaves, rocks, frogs – whatever she finds!

crawfish dress-2

I used my Sashiko machine to topstitch the pockets, and embroidered a double-G on one side.

crawfish dress-3

I even got to use a fun tool – a ruffler foot! A quick hint about the ruffler; you really need to do a lot of practice runs with your fabric to make sure you get the size and spacing right on your ruffle. In addition to the adjustments you can make on the ruffler foot itself, the stitch length you set on the machine also affects the results. So test, test, and test some more until you find the right combination of settings.

crawfish dress trim-1

If you look at the edge, you can see I also got to use another fun setting: the rolled hem on my serger.

So have fun with quick projects, they’re often the best place to try new techniques, new accessories and your specialty machines.

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