Project Organization

2019 Aug 22_0352

How’s your summer going? Are you keeping cool? We finally have some slightly less hot – slightly – weather in the Houston area coming this weekend.

A sewing friend asked me recently how I keep all my different projects organized; between garment, home décor, quilting, Sashiko and embroidery sewing, I usually have at least three or four (and sometimes many more!) projects going at once. She picked up a few new ideas from me, and maybe you will too after reading my tips below.

Collect Everything You Need

I gather all the supplies I have for a project: fabrics, interfacings/ underlinings, buttons, zippers hardware, threads, decorations (rhinestones, decorative threads, embroidery pattern etc.) and of course the pattern! I make a list of everything, check off what I need, and add what I don’t have to my shopping list.

Make A List or Two

Then I make list of things I need to do: an FBA, lengthen a sleeve; pre-quilt the fabric and batting, cut bias binding; mark out the quilting lines, print embroidery templates, fuse interfacing – whatever preliminaries need to be done before I can start assembly. This list stays with the project, along with a list of my progress so I can drop a project and pick it up again, no matter how much time has passed. For example, I’ll write that everything for a shirt has been pre-cut, but I next need to fuse on the collar and cuff interfacings. Maybe I did the FBA already, but still need to lengthen the sleeves – keeping a running list of your progress lets you put down a project and pick it back up without missing a step.

Keep it Together

I keep my individual projects in zipper bags; these can be ones you purchase or you can collect any that come with your fabric orders. For clothing, I keep the pattern and the adjusted muslin in a clear string folder; all the notions and little items go into yet a smaller bag, and all of that goes into a larger plastic bag with the lists to keep it collected and clean.

2019 Aug 22_0357

A Dedicated Storage Space

For my current and “on-hold” projects, I have a set of drawers in my sewing room. For items I want to complete eventually but don’t have space to keep in my drawers, I have a shelf in a closet where I keep a couple of very long-term projects.

2019 Aug 22_0358

How do you keep your projects organized?

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