Quick Project – Monogrammed Bag

2019 04 24_0132

When I buy bed linens, they often come in a nifty little drawstring pouch. Depending on the size you buy, they might be large enough to make a shoe bag, or just a nice size bag to organize small things in your dresser or suitcase.

2019 04 18_0126

(And you don’t have to wait until you buy linens; as you can see, these are constructed very simply on a serger. Or, use the overcast stitch or French seams on your sewing machine.)

2019 04 24_0133

Here’s how to turn those freebies into quick monogrammed bags:

Choose your embroidery thread,

2019 04 18_0124

Load some sticky wash way stabilizer in your hoop (or use a light cutaway and basting spray)

2019 04 18_0127

Lay the bag inside out on the hoop if you have a single needle combo machine

2019 04 18_0128

Or hoop the fabric right side out if you have a free arm machine

2019 04 18_0129

Press start on your machine and – two minutes later, a personalized bag!

2019 04 18_0131

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