Silk Loves Embroidery

georgette project 1 2
Think you embroider Silk? Think Again!

Don’t forget your silk projects when considering embellishment! This double georgette from our lovely local Fabric Lady Roz was a dream to embroider on. I had purchased it a while back for another project, but as often happens my sewing appetite changed. I had a special occasion coming up and thought, why not spruce up the old gown I was going to wear?

sleeve vent
Sleeve vent detail

A little planning and a couple of days later I had a fab bolero to wear! To read all about it, hop on over to Roz’s blog where I give hints for sewing on georgette.

Don’t have an embroidery machine? Don’t have time? Don’t worry! That’s what I’m here for – to help with your embellishing needs! Contact me today to see how I can help with your next sewing project.


Refresh Your Sewing Room

2017 10 22_3253
Definitely Time for a New Cover!

Here’s a quick way to brighten and refresh your sewing space – a new ironing board cover. Best of all, it takes less than an hour.

First, pick a fabric – I chose “Miss Scarlet” by Minick & Simpson for Moda – 100% cotton is best. For a wide variety of quality fabrics, try your local quilt shop (the ladies at QE are the best!) You’ll want enough yardage to cover the length of your board, plus extra for shrinkage and underlap. For example my board is 48″ long, so I purchased one and half yards. Then, wash your fabric really well on hottest water. Remember, you’ll be ironing and steaming on this fabric so you want to get all the shrinky-dinks and any color transfer out first. If you have a high heat cycle or hot water rinse, choose that; then dry on high heat.

2017 10 22_3258
Don’t forget to save the cord…

Next press out your new fabric so it’s smooth and wrinkle free. Lay out your fabric in a single layer in a place where you have some room to work, your cutting table for instance. Then remove your old ironing board cover. Lay it out as flat as possible over your new fabric. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but make sure any motifs you want to show on your board are under the old cover. Now we’ll just cut out the new shape. This doesn’t have to be perfect, a rough cut is fine.

2017 10 22_3256

Don’t forget to save your old cord; if you can’t then make sure you have enough new cord to go around the perimeter of your board. Now you have a new cover cut roughly to shape, a cord and you will also need one to two packages of double-fold bias tape – make your own or use pre-made, either is fine. My board is 48″ long by 18.5″ wide, so I need one and third packages.

2017 10 22_3259

Now the sewing; I simply tuck the cord into the crease of the bias tape as I go around the edge of the fabric. No need for precision here, it’s just to encase the cord and the edge of the fabric. I pin the cord to the beginning of the bias tape to make sure it doesn’t slip out. Then, just sew all the way around.

When I get to the end of the tape, whether to add the next piece or finish it off, I just fold under the raw edge and overlap – no need to do any fancy sewing. Make sure you leave yourself a couple of inches of cord on either side of the opening so you can get a hold of the cord. Place the new cover on the board, smooth it into place then pull – pull tightly now! – and tie off your cord. Voilà – new ironing board ready for duty!

2017 10 22_3264

New Fall Textures

mockedDid you see all the great new textures for fall in last week’s Vogue Patterns Magazine? Did you know your local bespoke embroiderer (me!) can do all of that for you? Whether free standing lace, needle-punched fabrics or felting wools and leathers, you can get custom-made embellishments right here in the Houston area.

Like the leather accented wool coat on page 22? Here’s a quick sample from pieces I had lying around:

2017 09 07_3226

How about this fun fabric:

Butterick 6491

Think you need to shop all creation to find it? Nope, Pick a lovely dupioni or taffeta and have it textured just for your project. This type of needle punching paired with evening fabrics make great accent pieces for holiday parties – think wraps, scarves and handbags!

2017 09 07_3227
try a random pattern
2017 09 07_3228
…or straight lines for a smocked effect

Lace inserts are big this fall – have some made just for your project!

Lace Point by Embroidery Library
Mandala by Embroidery Library
Peacock Feather by Urban Threads

Want something unique? Try a felted accent! Felting is an old technique that is often still done by hand. But with machines we can create textured fabrics by the yard. For the cute little fuzzy below, I started with a piece of wool,

2017 09 07_3229

added some wool yarn, felted it together,

2017 09 07_3230

then cut it into pieces to make a fun little corsage for a coat or hat.

2017 09 07_3231

Contact me today to see how we can jazz up your fall sewing!



Something Special for Your Pet

You’ve gone through a lot of trouble to make a quilt for those special little members of your family (or your “fur babies” as my vet says…) why not personalize it with their name?

2017 07 13_doggie quilt tops_2852

At over three inches in height, these names were sewn on quilt tops made with Joey the Shop Dog fabric. These embroidered names were about $25 each, and sewn with polyester thread so they’ll last through repeated washings and Rover’s roughhousing. Contact me today to see what I can do for you!

Embroidery for Everyday

2017 04 28_pressing cloth_2824

Embroidery isn’t just for gifts, or items of significance; embroidery can be used to brighten up everyday objects to make using them just a little more fun!

For us sewers, consider the lowly pressing cloth; sure it’s a piece of silk organza, but we usually cut it out and press away without a second thought. But why not make yours special, unique even with a little rolled hem and embroidery?

Or personalize it with a monogram so you never confuse your own with a classmate’s or coworker’s.

2017 04 28_pressing cloth_2825

Yes, you can embroider on organza – and chiffon and voile and tulle – with large embroidery and no visible backing. The monogram above is a 2 inch font, 4 inches by 6.5 overall. A bit large admittedly for an 18” pressing cloth, but I wanted you to see size is not necessarily a limiting factor with sheer fabrics.

Eighteen-inch silk organza pressing cloths are available with rolled hem, $33.50 each; with “pressing cloth” label $42.75, monograms are additional. Free shipping on three or more pressing cloths!

Thread Catchers

Thread Catchers
Lovely Cherry Blossom Prints for Spring

These lovely thread catchers make a wonderful gift for any sewer in your life, whether garment maker, quilter, embroiderer – even knitters would find it handy! The weighted catcher has a non-slip bottom, as well as a scissor holder and laminated interior – those threads slip right out for easy cleaning.

This gift is also easily customizable – you can have it monogrammed or embroidered with sewing motifs to make it special. Cost is $45.95, monogramming and embroidery are separate (three inch single-letter monogram starts at $8.50.)

Please note if you are having this item shipped, it weighs approximately 12 oz. and may have a slightly higher shipping price. Your thread catcher can be shipped unweighted in a padded envelope, but you will have to fill and finish closing the upper bag.

2017 04 24_2823
A laminated interior makes cleanup easy!

Spring Green and Roosters

Rooster Apron-2

Here’s a proud rooster for someone’s new spring apron in Kelly green… but you don’t have to make your own items to have them embroidered. I can embroider items you purchase or already own. Unlike other embroiderers, I don’t require my clients to purchase items from me for embellishment. Contact me today to find out what I can embroider for you!

Rooster Apron-1
Kelly Green Apron in 7 oz Denim, Handmade

Spring Embroidery

Spring is around the corner – why not spruce up your sewing with a little embroidery? The following designs were embroidered on 12 weight denim which were sewn in to a pair of overalls for the garden….

Peonies for the back pockets
A lovely dragon fly for the bib pocket, done in variegated thread

Embroidery designs purchased from Urban Threads


The Perfect Gift for a Special Child

My favorite – so soft!

Embroider Buddies® and Baby Cubbies® are now available! They’re perfect any time of year for your special child; have them personalized with the child’s name, birth information, or a message from you to them! Both Buddies and Cubbies come as stuffed animals approximately 16 inches tall, or as a “blanket pal” for your little ones to cuddle.

All Buddies and Cubbies are machine washable as they have removable stuffing pods. This means you can also insert a special treat or gift for the child. The most popular are teddy bears, but they come a in a wide variety to choose from – penguins, bunnies, moose and more! Please allow up to three weeks for delivery, but in-stock items usually ship in one week or less.

Buddies and Cubbies are $46.98 each plus shipping – embroidered message included! Order three or more and save – $42 each plus shipping. Blanket Pals are $38.98 each plus shipping, embroidery included! Order 3 or more and save – $34 each plus shipping. Texas sales tax charged to orders shipped in-state.

Another Buddy Ready to Go in the Studio!

Personalize Your Linens

Floral Circle Motifs; towels provided by client

Everyone needs linens – towels, sheets, napkins – but everyone buys the same ones from the same stores. Why not get your linens personalized and have something unique just for you! All linens can be embroidered, and there’s no limit to what you can choose; your own monogram, seasonal motifs, geometric patterns, or simply choose a design to compliment your decor.